What is Moji Sushi and Why Do People Love it

What is Moji Sushi and Why People Love it?

You may be familiar with Sushi. Well, if not, Sushi is a Japanese dish that can be made with a variety of different ingredients, including vegetables, seafood, and sometimes even fruit. But what makes Moji Sushi different from ordinary Sushi? The most common thing we would say would be Moji Sushi is a spicy crab roll that is fully cooked and ready to eat. Let’s know more about Moji Sushi and the reasons why people love it.

What Is Moji Sushi?

Moji Sushi is a full-cooked crab roll also known as a California roll with spicy crab inside and is a ready-to-go meal also ideal for any type of outing and small parties. Moji Sushi is made with healthy spicy sriracha with a blend of crunchy carrots, rice, and surimi which is finished with sesame seeds. The sesame seeds provide a spicy twist to the Sushi.

Moji Sushi is also low in calories and a healthy meal that you can afford. It is also naturally rich in omega-3 fat. You can store the Sushi for about 4 days in the refrigerator. A single piece of Moji Sushi with a serving size of 21 grams contains 24 calories, 3 grams of carbohydrates, 1 gram of protein, and 0.9 grams of fat.

Moji Sushi is not just ordinary Sushi, it’s a Moji ice cream roll with crabs inside which is amazingly flavorful. Unlike ordinary Sushi, California rolls are classic rolls and the best Sushi rolls you will ever taste. It is very comfortable to be used as dinner or just a snack. Whenever you have a craving for Sushi you can grab a Moji Sushi.

Why do People Love Moji Sushi?

Moji Sushi has an almost heavenly taste. The rich flavors and textures are a perfect combination and the taste of crab with the crunch of carrot and paste of avocado make the Moji Sushi roll the best. 

The California Roll is also one of the easiest recipes to make. As it has simple ingredients like a cooked crab with avocado and cucumber to add freshness to the food. It also can be considered one of the easiest rolls for beginners to work on because it contains no raw fish inside and is made with very common ingredients.

The foremost reason people love it is the fact it is on-the-go food and can be carried to any place. It is also favorable for artists and small outings. If you’re going on a trip you can always carry a California roll and eat it on the go. It is also a versatile dish that can be enjoyed as an appetizer or main course. Also, the fact that it is one of the easiest recipes to make makes it a people’s favorite.

Why Should You Eat Moji Sushi Roll?

It’s a perfect representation of what Sushi should be. It’s a classic dish that has been perfected over time, and it’s sure to please even the most discerning Sushi lover. Many first-timers also find the taste of Moji Sushi rolls a bit mild and tasty unlike other rolls with raw fish inside.

In some restaurants, they also use Kanikama which is fake crab meat instead of real. It is meat but not crab meat to be precise. It is some kind of white fish with crab flavoring and cornstarch with egg whites. But always be aware of the ingredients and eat the right Sushi so that you can taste the original taste of Moji Sushi.

Is Moji Sushi Healthy?

It is a good choice and also healthy if you don’t eat it with a heavy mayonnaise-like dip. Avoid eating it with heavy calorie dips and the Sushi is just fine. Another benefit of Moji Sushi can be its calorie content. It is light Sushi and compared to other Sushi it has very good nutrient values with mainly omega 3.

Apart from the health benefits, it is also delicious and you can make it whenever you want with minimum ingredients. Also, you can refrigerate and keep the Sushi for almost 4 days and you will fulfill the quest for Sushi.

Is Moji Sushi High In Sodium?

Like every other take-out food, it can be a heavy dose of sodium. A single piece of a normal healthy Moji Sushi roll that weighs around 21 grams has 34 mg (1%) of Sodium. Also, the soya sauce adds to the sodium content. If you take 8 pieces into consideration, they weigh around 170 grams and have 270 mg of Sodium.

Do You Eat California Rolls With Soy Sauce?

Not exactly soy sauce but Sushi has a distinct way of eating. You start by cutting the rills into half and making them the right thickness as you like. You can eat them with soy sauce, pickled ginger, and wasabi. Some Japanese consider mixing Wasabi with soy sauce disrespectful. It is not illegal but next time you eat Moji Sushi, don’t mix the soy sauce and wasabi together.

So, you should definitely eat the Moji Sushi next time you see one. It can be eaten in restaurants and also found in supermarkets.

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