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Top 5 Best Boba Pearl Pot Cookers

Meta Description: Make the perfect boba tea at home with one of these top-rated boba pearl pot cookers. We’ve put up a top 5 list, so you can find the right one for your needs.

If you’re a fan of boba tea, then you know that the key ingredient is the boba pearls. And if you want to make the perfect cup of boba tea, you need to have the perfect boba pearls. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the top 5 best boba pearl cookers.

With the help of a boba pearl cooker, you can cook the perfect boba pearls every time. And trust us, your boba tea will taste all the better for it. So if you’re looking for the perfect way to cook your boba pearls, read our top 5 picks for the best boba pearl cookers you can buy right now.

YJINGRUI Boba Cooker 5L

In the coldness of the winter, having a cup of brown sugar pearl milk tea is one of the best comforting drinks you can treat yourself to. You can make this drink yourself if you have the YJINGRUI Boba Cooker. This Boba Cooker allows you to adjust the sugar level per your taste, and the drink’s texture is just like the ones you have at Boba shops.

YJINGRUI Boba Cooker also features touch controls instead of physical buttons, which adds to the modern aesthetic of the product. The smart control panel automatically turns off the cooking process once it’s done cooking, so you don’t have to wait actively by its side. In addition to that, it is also time-saving.

The Boba pearls are boiled in just 50 minutes since the machine has a 900W power supply. The boiling process takes 25 minutes, and the stewing takes the rest of the time. The 50 minutes taken is for a pot full of Boba seeds. If you are looking to prepare a small amount of Boba seeds, it will take a lot less time.

The brand YJINGRUI has a motto: “customer first, quality first”, which they prove by producing quality products like the YJINGRUI Boba Cooker.

Kolice Commercial Automatic 5L Pearl Pot Boba Cooker

This 5 liters Pearl Pot Boba Cooker has a stainless steel interior which has also been modified to have a non-stick trait. The stainless steel housing has been coated three times with a non-stick coating. The steel housing is also designed for a fast and uniform heat transfer. It also has a smart touchscreen panel that lets you cook your Boba tea fully automatically.

In addition to making Boba tea, you can also use this Boba cooker to boil puddings, taro, red beans, brown sugar, etc. Moreover, it is also a versatile machine in the sense that you can use it in a restaurant, home, ice cream shop, milk tea shop, bakery, snacks shop, etc. This is possible as it has a quite neutral and modern design.

However, one of the downsides of this product is the price tag. It will cost you over $400, including the shipping fee. You will receive a liner, a spoon, and a wire along with the machine. As for the color options, there is little you can choose from; the only color you can get is red.

Tapioca Automatic Commercial Boba Cooker

With a price tag of just $150, the Tapioca Automatic Commercial Boba Cooker is one of the most inexpensive Boba pots you can get. This 900W Boba cooker has a capacity of 5 liters and weighs about 3.1 kg. The dimension of the product is 30*39*27 cm.

Since it is a relatively cheap Boba cooker, you might think that it is only made to last for a short time, but you are wrong if you think so. Despite its low retail price, the Tapioca Automatic Commercial Boba Cooker can last long if taken care of. The inner liner is made of Aluminium Alloy and ABS with non-stick coating, which should make the cleaning process a piece of cake.

Along with this Boba tea maker, you will receive a liner, a spoon, a set of gloves, a power cord, and a manual.

YJINGRUI Boba Cooker Commercial Boba Pot 12L

YJINGRUI is one of the leading Boba tea machine maker companies and has successfully put out a bunch of Boba pots which have received a lot of praise. One such Boba pot is the 12L automatic commercial Boba pot. With a capacity of 12 liters, this beast can cook a whopping 1.8 kgs of Boba at once, which makes it suitable for restaurants, Boba tea shops, ice-cream shops, etc.

Unlike the 5-liter counterpart, this one is made of aluminum and ABS, making it easier to clean than stainless steel. However, like its 5-liter counterpart, this one is coated with a non-stick coating. There’s also a 30-day money-back guarantee if you face any issues within 30 days of buying the product. You will be fully refunded if the machine malfunctions or has serious issues. Also, the company claims to provide lifetime customer service.

Arrvweer Fully Automatic Pearl Pot 9L

At the price tag of $259, this Boba Pot has an inner pot made of 5 different layers. The outermost layer is an aluminum alloy, a hardened anti-wear, energy accumulation layer, heat storage layer, and non-stick coating. In addition to pearls, you can cook puddings, red beans, sago, and yogurt.

This Boba pot also has a handy feature called a smart temperature probe that limits the boiling of the pot’s contents to stop them from overflowing. A small hole in the top lid also releases the vapor produced when something is boiled.

These are the top Boba Pearl Pot Cookers you can get right now. These products are designed to give you the best Boba tea and are one of the best at what they do We hope you found this review useful and you are able to find the best boba pearl pot for your needs.

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